Clan Montgomery Society

  CMSI Annual General Meeting Survey  

1. Have you ever attended an Annual General Meeting of Clan Montgomery?
If the answer is No, skip to question 7.

If the answer is Yes, when was the last time or location?

2. How would you rate the experience?
Very good

If you were disappointed, tell us why:

3. What would you have done differently?  More time to visit, etc.

4. How much did distance figure in your decision to attend or not?
Not at all

5. How much did the cost to attend figure in your decision?
Cost of Meetings / Meals
Cost of Travel

6. How much did your physical health figure in your decision?

7. What would influence you to attend the 2019 AGM in Pleasanton, CA on Aug 30, 2019?

We would like any comments or suggestions that would help us plan the best AGM ever. Are there agenda items you would like to see included or excluded? What would you be willing to do to help make that possible? For example: Lead a tour group, give a lecture on family history, provide decorations for the banquet or tent, or other physical help.

Please feel free to expand on any of these questions to let us know your impressions.


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