Clan Montgomery Society

  Annual General Meeting  

The 2023 AGM will be held as a virtual meeting using the web conferencing program Zoom. The meeting date and time is not yet determined and will be announced later (probably in the Fall). The basic Zoom pricing plan for personal use is free.

A traditional AGM meeting will be conducted with the normal reading of minutes and Treasurer, Regional VPs, and Gardien reports.

Some of you may already be familiar with Zoom, having used it for church services or company meetings. If you are not familiar, there are several ways to get more information on how to use Zoom. You can go to Getting Started with Zoom to watch Zoom video tutorials and live daily demos. You can also go to YouTube and search for Zoom and find tutorials there.

To use Zoom you will need a computer or laptop which has speakers, a microphone and a video camera, or a smart phone, iPad, or tablet. If you do not have a device with a camera and/or a microphone, you still can receive the audio and/or video but not join the conversation. Go to Join a Test Meeting to test your computer setup.

If you would like to be part of the virtual AGM, send me an email at I will keep you informed of any updates, and send you a Zoom invitation to the AGM meeting by return email later prior to the meeting.

Leonard W. Montgomery
  Clan Montgomery Society International