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 CMSI Membership Application 

Becoming a CMSI member or renewing your membership is a 2-step process — You must submit your membership application AND your Membership Dues payment to the CMSI Treasurer.

Step 1: Submit your membership application by using the online form below OR print the CMSI membership form to be mailed to the CMSI Treasurer.

Step 2: Submit your dues payment either by sending a check through the US Mail or by using PayPal™ to electronically transfer funds from a source of your choice to the CMSI Treasurer.

CMSI membership dues are for January 1st through December 31st of the year you join. All dues and contributions are tax deductible. Dues paid in October cover from October through the following year. If you wish to enroll friends or relatives, please fill out separate applications for each.

U.S. dues apply to all prospective members who reside in the United States. Non-U.S. dues are for residents of other countries. Non-US dues are slightly more expensive due to the costs associated with mailing Society materials to members outside the United States.

Submit your application online by completing the form below and press the SUBMIT button below. This will send your application to the CMSI treasurer and we'll confirm receipt via e-mail.

Please provide the following information:

( Renewing Members Please Include Your Full Name, Address and Membership Number )

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US Annual Membership:   US $25
Non-US Annual Membership:   US $30
US Life Membership:   US $300
Non-US Life Membership:   US $350
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You are not considered a member until your dues are received.

Please click the Submit button only once... It may take a minute to process. (Thanks!)