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This map shows the migration routes of the Clan Montgomery, from the first Montgomery into Normandy and then eventually to the New World and Down Under.

The numbers on the map correspond to the numbered list below...

Map of Montgomery Migrations

1. Among the Viking Chieftains who ravaged Europe in the 9th century was Gomeric, son of Ingvar Ragnarson, the King of East Anglia and Northumberland.

2. Gomeric settled in the Calvados area of Normandy and fortified a hill which gave the family its name MONS GOMERICI.

3. In 1066 Gomeric's great great grandson Roger de Montgomerie (whose father, Roger, was probably the first to use the surname) commanded the right wing of the Norman army at Hastings and was rewarded with titles and wealth.

4. After several turbulent generations, the first of the Montgomerys arrived in Ayrshire, Scotland, c. 1160, where they grew and prospered.

5. Many Montgomerys left Scotland for Northern Ireland during the "Plantations" of the 1600s. There they grew, but few prospered. These were the Scots-Irish Montgomerys.

6. Driven by economics and politics between 1700 and 1850, Montgomerys singly and in groups flocked to the New World. The first wave came largely into the Philadelphia area, but all the seaboard received some Montgomerys from Ireland, Scotland, and England.

7. Prominent in the "Scots-Irish Tide," Montgomerys poured down the valley of Virginia and fanned out across the mountains to the South and Midwest. Mostly firm Presbyterians, they developed a reputation for "Keeping the Ten Commandments".

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