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 Montgomery Motto 

Garde Bien (or) Gardez Bien
"Watch Well"

“Garde” (pronounced gard-uh) or “Gardez” (pronounced garday) means “watch”, in the sense of “look out” or “on guard”. “Bien” (pronounced bee-ann) means “good” to give the overall meaning of “Watch Well”.

For more information, read Symbolism in Crest and Slogan by Professor George Montgomery (CMSI Life #1477).

 Montgomery Crest 

Montgomery Motto - Garde Bien

A female holding an anchor in her right hand and a savage's head in her left.

For more information, read A Description of the Eglinton Crest by James M. Montgomery (CMSI Life #19).

All Scottish Clan crests have a symbol that is encircled by a belt. Only the chief of the Clan is entitled to wear the symbol of the clan by itself. However, when he came home, he would hang the symbol on the wall along with his belt, which eventually evolved to include the motto of the Clan written upon the belt. In this form it may be worn by all of the Clan's members.

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